Our Joey Room is from 6 weeks to 2 years in age with 4 core Educators ensuring continuity of care for your child starting at North East Community Children’s Centre. This ensures children can build strong trusting relationships with not only their Primary Care Educator but all team members. The Joey Room aims to provide a nurturing, caring, safe and secure environment, where each child can learn, grow and develop.

In the Joey Room, we follow your child’s routine from home, as we believe that consistent and predictable routine times are an important part of a young child’s day. We provide the Joeys with lots of hands-on experiences and opportunities to explore the world around them. These experiences are both planned and spontaneous to support each child’s interest and development.

The Joey Room has their own outdoor area with endless resources so that the children can explore the outdoors while still being in a safe, secure environment. We have our very own sandpit for the children to engage in sensory experiences and develop their fine motor skills; a large soft fall area for climbing equipment, to help encourage gross motor skills; and two shady grass areas for mat play. The Joey Room also has  a large veranda area with heating and cooling, so the children can enjoy the outdoors all year round.