Our service provides a healthy, nutritious and varied menu for all children. With our seasonal 4 week rotating menu, the children are able to establish healthy eating habits for life.


Children are encouraged to enjoy meals in small groups to establish social connections and positive eating routines. With educators guidance children are supported to develop important self-help skills, self control and positive relationships with peers.



Health & Safety

  • Foods at high risk of choking will be avoided, e.g. carrots, apples, celery.
  • Breast Milk and infant formula will be stored and reheated according to the recommendations.
  • ¬†Joey staff will introduce new food in consultation with families. Families are encouraged to introduce new foods at home.
  • Children and educators will wash their hands before and after handling food /eating.
  • All educators have completed ‘Food safe’ training.
  • All foods will be provided and stored in accordance with Food safe Guidelines.
  • The Centre does not use any nuts in cooking, or allow food including nuts to be served to children. Families must not bring any food containing nuts to the Centre.
  • Educators communicate regularly with families about food for example: verbally or via the OWNA app.

Eating Environment

  • Meal times will be a social and enjoyable experience.
  • Staff sit with children, role modelling appropriate table manners and encouraging children to try new tastes and textures.
  • Children’s food preferences will be respected. If main meal is refused, children will be offered a sandwich as their main meal.
  • Children will develop an awareness of healthy foods through various programmed activities e.g. art, craft, stories and assisting with food preparation.


If breakfast is required you need to bring your child in before 7.30am, and provide appropriate breakfast foods which can be served to them here. Either low sugar cereals or bread (to be toasted) can be brought in. The time period for breakfast finishes at 7.30am. Morning tea is normally served at approximately 9.30 am.

Special Diets

  • To the best of our ability we will cater for children on special diets. In some cases parents may need to provide some of the special diet foods or drinks.
  • A Modified Diet Care Plan is to be completed by a doctor and should only be used where a person has a proven history of food allergy or intolerance or requires a special diet. The Centre must be informed of changes to dietary needs.
  • A Special Diet Form is to be completed when a child is on a special diet for reasons of non-medical nature e.g. cultural or religious reasons, vegetarian diet.
  • If a child has a severe allergy, the Action Plan should include the steps staff should take in the event of the child being exposed to the food they are allergic to.
  • All rooms will maintain an updated allergy chart.


  • Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011
  • Nutrition Australia Healthy Eating Pyramid 2015

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We open 6:30am – 6:15pm Monday to Friday. Closed for public holidays and 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year.