Our Wallaby Room caters for children aged 2-3 years. Within our room, you will always see children engaging in new and exciting activities or experiences based on the current group program or individual interests of the children. The Wallaby Room’s activities and experiences are designed to help the children learn, investigate, challenge themselves and further develop their social interaction and imaginative skills. Our Educators encourage and promote creative, messy and sensory play which fosters curiosity, imagination and exploration. Educators also offer indoor/ outdoor play as much as possible throughout the day which enables the children to make their own decisions about their learning and how they want to play.

Our Wallaby Yard is a spacious and shaded play space for the children to learn in and explore their natural surroundings. We have a large sandpit, soft fall area for the children to safely take risks and further develop with gross motor skills through climbing experiences, 2 built-in huts that provide a quiet space and a raised decking area for the children to explore. We have a veranda with blinds, heating and cooling that overlooks our yard which the children utilize throughout the day. It offers a third play space and is perfect for when there is inclement weather. The Wallaby children also eat their morning tea and lunch under the veranda and enjoy their afternoon tea picnic style inside or outside.